Youth Gym

Operations, Customer Service, Nutritional Therapist & Metabolic Health Coach , Social Media , website, Jack of All Trades

Running the day to day business activities is a great way to use my past corporate career of marketing and business development,

It also means i get to meet lots of amazing people that venture through our doors..

I am also a trained Board certified Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Metabolic health Coach and Rare Disease Advocate..

I love the variation of being able to put to use all my skills set.

I'm always happy to help should you have an queries

Services at TLS

First and foremost is to make your time at TLS seamless and ensure you have everything that you need

I work 2 days per week online or in person for nutritional services. Mondays & Thursdays are typically my days of seeing clients

Services range from:

Body Scans and Health Assessments

5 Point Wellness Checks

Full nutritional service from health consultations, lab testing through to a plan of action



WhatsApp: 07822 002747