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Youth Gym

Our Youth / Student Gym Membership has been a great way to bring our members kids into our space and encourage them to enjoy a healthy sporty lifestyle.
We pride ourselves on providing a great service and safe space for those that are looking to explore a gym environment, learn new techniques and be responsible and respectable in an adult environment.
This not only develops skills and awareness but is great for building confidence.

Who can attend the gym sessions?

Teens aged from 13 - 16 years can attend the sessions once they have completed an induction and signed off to be able to train on their own.

17-21 Year olds that have come through the Teen gym only can transition into our Student gym sessions which give more flexibility with their hours to be able to attend. This is shown on your app.

Session times

Teen Gym Hours Monday - Friday 3.30-18.00
Need to be out of the gym by 18.00 when our adult classes start to commence.

Saturdays - 08.00-12.00
We are closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.
We do offer more flexibility with times in the school holidays


In order to attend our Teen / Student Gym you will need to be on one of our memberships.

These are monthly Memberships:

Teen Gym non parent member age 13-17 years**
£25.00 per month

Teen Gym parent member age 13-17 years**
£15.00 per month

Student membership 17-21 progressed from teen gym only**
£25.00 per month

Join The Waitlist

We cap our numbers in order to keep a safe space for health & safety reasons. With that we limit our membership.
We are completely full on our membership for teen / students and it works on a one off one on basis.
If you wish to join the waitlist then please use the form below and we will be in contact as soon as a space becomes available.

****We have just taken on our new members for September 2023 and will review this on a quarterly basis.***

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