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We want you to live a full life, a life that is packed full of vitality, energy, good mobility, a life that you age well and are surrounded by community..

you are busy, and have lot’s of commitments so we get, time for yourself is sacred and limited, we often put our own needs last before others so our self care is not always a top priority.. 

However, it’s in the small, day-to-day habits where the potential to change our health and fitness, our quality of life really lies.

together let’s make it happen!!
See what we have to offer in Fitness & Wellbeing Services

tis classes and services

Personal Training

Experience tailored Personal Training and Coaching to Achieve Your goals & Elevate your performance week by week.

Working with you, cheering you on and pushing you session by session. Together we can achieve great results.

Our Coaches Care

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Brendan O’Meara: Owner | Personal Trainer | Class Coach

Ross Whitmore: Partner | Personal Trainer | Class coach

Laura Hirst: Part Time Personal Trainer | Class coach

Classes / Open Gym 18+

Unleash your potential with our dynamic Fitness Classes – Challenge Yourself, Progress at Your Own Pace, and Achieve Real Results!
Pushing You Week on Week. Great for the Mind & Body.
Our Classes incorporate many aspects of strength training, especially important as we age both as male & Females. We understand everyone is at differing stages, different abilities and we factor this into our sessions. That’s why you work at your own ability, you lift at what you are comfortable with and week on week we build, the classes never get easier, you just get fitter and stronger.

Open Gym
Our open gym is for those that feel comfortable working out on their own. You have good technique and form and don’t need any guidance or support.. You will have ventured through Personal training and or our fitness classes and ready to get in those additional sessions.

Open Gym

Fitness Classes
Open Gym 18+

Find the right option for you

All our classes + open gym are sign up and book online through our partner app TeamUp

Pay as you go £5.00
Monthly £45.00
Yearly £420.00

The membership is on a rolling subscription, no contract. It is your responsibility should you wish to cancel to do so on your app.

Grab a Coffee

Why not enjoy a coffee pre or post training or grab one to go..
Our upstairs coffee station provides a variety of coffees using the exceptional blends of DARKWOODS Coffee. And below is why we chose to work with them, great tasting coffee, local and give back to the community.

Dark Woods Coffee is an adventurous coffee roaster, nestled on the edge of Marsden village, in the West Yorkshire Pennines. 

We’re proud to be a B-Corp business, a Great Taste Producer, and all of our coffees are carefully sourced, roasted and packaged by hand, with direct, long term relationships with all of our producer partners. We give 2% of our annual turnover to both local community projects, and to those in the coffee-growing communities.


Keeping You in Top Condition

Sports Rehabilitation. Nutrition. Lifestyle

Rural Rehabilitation

Based in the Wellbeing Hub at TLS, Rural Rehabilitation began after Beth left the elite sporting world to open her own clinic. 
I knew it was time, following three and a half seasons with the Wakefield Trinity Super League Team and previous experience with Bolton Wanderers Football Academy and Huddersfield Town Ladies, to bring the knowledge and skills I’d learned in this highly specialised field to the everyday client

Beth has since expanded her team with the addition of Olivia on a Wednesday & Thursday who brings with her a great depth of knowledge and experience. To Book an appointment or more information click the button below.

Rural Rehabilitation

Optimal You

 Tailored Nutrition & Holistic Health allowing you to:
Live Strong Live Well Live Life

Blood Testing for Optimal Health

Elevate Your Performance

Hi, I’m Claire, a board-certified Nutritional Therapist and Metabolic Health Coach. I know firsthand what it’s like to not be living at your most optimal health, and I understand the importance of blood work and how it can make the difference from feeling “meh” to feeling fantastic.

Unlock your true potential with our advanced blood testing services.

By assessing critical health markers such as gut health, hormone levels, lifestyle factors, and inflammatory indicators, we gather the essential data needed to understand your body’s unique needs.
With this comprehensive analysis, we develop a personalised nutrition and holistic health plan to optimise your wellbeing and elevate your performance.

Claire O'Meara